Berkeley Biocode, BiSciCol, BigData and Identifiers (3biv) August 13-14, 2012

Hosted at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology  -- Berkeley, CA

Sponsored by BiSciCol (NSF), VertNet (NSF), and Biocode Commons, in collaboration with the California Digital Library. Recent discussions from the BiSciCol camp have centered around the need for a consistent, scalable approach to identifier creation for natural history collections objects and their derivatives.  Particular strategies discussed include DOIs, UUIDs, invoking namespaces to bin content (e.g. geo: or urn:catalog), generating quasi-unique identifiers (QUIDs) based on content and hashing using MD5, and working with VertNet to assign identifiers based on re-normalized data from Darwin Core Archives.  Further, we have recognized the importance of getting these identifiers back into the hands of the data providers to enable a persistent reference for future updates.  Following from the identifier discussion is adopting strategies for long-term (> 10 years) storage of identifiers, properties associated with identifiers, links, enabling resolution, and publication.   

CDL has three projects of interest to this discussion: EZIDs, Merritt Repository, and DataUp.  VertNet is working closely with GBIF to develop a cloud-based publishing model for natural history collections, accessing a broad range of data of interest to BiSciCol. The organizing google document for this workshop is still available.

Monday, August 13th

Tuesday, August 14th

The hackathon goals and outputs live on the Bombus/pollinator github page. Also included was some great code provided by Matt Jones at NCEAS to access EZID API which we connected to Pollinator. John Deck, Aaron Steele, John Kunze, Rob Guralnick, and Nico Cellinese participated in hackathon component.

Rob Guralnick, Colorado University, Boulder
Nico Cellinese, University of Florida, Gainesville
Neil Davies, Moorea/UC Berkeley
John Deck, Moorea/UC Berkeley
David Bloom, UC Berkeley
Sarah Hinman, UC Berkeley
John Kunze, CDL
Michelle Koo, MVZ/UC Berkeley
Patricia Cruse, CDL
Carly Strasser, CDL
Stephen Abrams, CDL
Chris Meyer, SI (Remote via google hangout)
Richard Pyle, Bishop Museum (Remote via google hangout)
Aaron Steele, UC Berkeley
Chris Hoffman, UC Berkeley